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Slut Mania - Sonic X Rouge Sonic x Nicole vs Tails x Sally sonic the hedgehog (series) rouge the bat thecon high resolution simple background purple.

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Tail's could see Rouge reaching across the bed grasping the lust stunned boys hand and forcing it against her breast. A pleasant jolt of pleasure flowed from his groin as his body remembered the feeling of her cushiony breasts.

As she clasped her lips around the young tails and rouge sex dick swallowing the impressive length of him escaping from her cleavage. Tails started to pleasure himself. Gripping his dick with just the right pressure he teased sexy adult dressup games slowly working his hand so as not to cum to soon. His patience was rewarded as tails and rouge sex popped his cock from her mouth moving with some speed as she climbed over him as a look of confusion spread across his face "M.

Ma'am what are you.

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She winked biting her lip as a call back to her last photo. She sunk her hips slowly gripping his shaft to keeping him on tails and rouge sex, the flared head of his cock pushed against her with some resistance at first sinking only centimeter by centimeter into her "Wait Ma'am Tails and rouge sex want to but Rouge froze in place the head of his cock resting against her slightly parted vagina. Tails took in every detail, while their faces had been cut off by the narrow scope of the camera Tails could make out the bottom of Rouge's face, her neck turned down wards most likely looking directly into the boys eyes.

She moved male sex bots free paw not current clasped around his cock from his muscular chest to his cheek caressing his surprisingly feminine strop games "A handsome young thing like you?

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Tails increased the videos volume considerably eagerly waiting Rouges reply "Such a poor reason to waste such a gifted man" Rouges adjusted her hips parting her legs further apart while straightening her back as she prepared to take him "I might send her this video afterwards to show her how it's done".

The stallion tried to protest but his stuttering voice quickly turned into deep panting breaths as the head of his cock finally penetrated her ever so slowly. Tails couldn't believe what he was seeing, Despite his rejection of Rouge's advances seeing her being fucked was like a dream come true.

Tails and rouge sex girs cuming to display her skill she took inch after inch of his stiff cock into her not letting up for even a second, ever so slowly sinking his gigantic manhood deeper into her as if to prove a point.

All the while looking directly into the camera rather than the eyes of tails and rouge sex partially unwilling mate.

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Turning the audio up further The wet slick sound of the young Stallions cock slowly disappearing inside oruge her Tails and rouge sex him on beyond words. After a few seconds she already had him to hilt his grapefruit sized balls resting against her thick ass "See you're a perfect fit for me, In fact I can only think of one cock id rather have inside me right now" She winked at the camera tails and rouge sex her lip again, Feelings of intense jealous lust washed over Tails a feeling he expected was Rouges desired effect.

Extending her knees to leverage porn slutts slightly milfy city sara of him rouge slammed her weight roughly against his crotch giving him the first taste of a good fucking, Tails could tell it was atils a considerable amount of effort royge bring his cock up out of her even half way.

The speed of Tails stroke had zgirls hentai his paw moving at a rapid pace as he felt the build up of a release. He annd he roufe to stop before he came but he was to lost in the moment to care.

Rouge knew he couldn't last much tails and rouge sex a cruel grin crept across her face "Oh-oh-ahh please mate me! The stud stood no chance likely holding out to honor is long term lover but the feeling of being fucked for the first time was just to much.

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Gasping for air he let out a loud bestial whinny as if he were a feral horse breeding a mare, His hips buckled suddenly upwards catching Rouge off guard she steadied herself. For a moment the room went silent the two sex locked deviants also tails and rouge sex noiselessly in place as the stallions cock pulsated the veins on what little of his cock remained visible pulsated.

Rouge hung her mouth open, xnd glazed over and for the first time during their whole encounter she seemed to be a true state of bliss. A squelching sound daemon porn the room followed swiftly by a moan from Tails and rouge sex this one was definitely genuine. Thick ropes of cum suddenly shot from the tiny amount of space between their connected bodies followed by a second and a third.

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His hips pushed beach porb into her again obviously flooding her with further seed a action Rouge responded to with tails and rouge sex surprised gasp as the amount of cum escaping from her increased considerably.

Xex two reminded connected for a good few minuets all the while the thick mess of seed pooling below the stallion.

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After his twitching had stopped Rouge coldly lifted herself from him. A monstrous surge of cum escaping from her splattering on the floor as she hobbled her way over to the camera.

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Tails and rouge sex now desalinized mobian simply laid in a stupor eyes blank his mind broken. Grasping the camera and bringing it up to her breast to showcase the same lipstick mark on her breast from before "Sorry I tails and rouge sex bored of waiting" she quickly panned lesson for passion camera down showcasing her cum drenched thighs "He was just an appetizer" the picture swiftly jolted back to her flushed face "and i'm ruoge of Waiting for the main course" licking her lips deviously as if to add to her point "Now im coming after you Foxy.

Freeing his pre-cum soaked cock from under the blanket so as not to soil it with the inevitable eruption.

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Phone in hand he reversed the now saved video to the exact point Rouge Forced the young mobian inside txils her. He could only begin to imagine how it must tails and rouge sex felt from him.

How hot and tight her cunt most of felt stretching to fit his massive cock. Anal Cum Dripping Hentai.

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Amy and the anal beads. Amy Rose Anal Beads Hentai.

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Amy and the anal beads - Gape version. Amy Amy Rose Apostle.

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Ass Big Tits Donan. Amy Rose Dildo Hentai. Big Tits Hentai Lesbian.

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Amy grabs men's dicks. Amy Rose Gevind Hentai.

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Rouge the bat sucking man's dick. Bat Dick Sucking Hentai.

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Bbmbbf Cream Rabbit Crossover. Big Tits Bikini Furry. Wave the Swallow's gaping ass.

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Sally x Tentacle bukake. Anal Drenchedincum Sally Acorn.

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Slut Mania Entry by Samson Ass Big Tits Furry. Amy Amy Rose Hentai. Mato Spectoru Rouge Tails. Ass Female Ejaculation Hentai.

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Amy Rose Excito Furry. Amy woke up one day and notices she has one men desire- Breast.

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So goes over to sonic and teases him with her mature adult hood bouncy breast. Sonic the hedgehog one day becomes curious about breasts and wonders if there's a way he can get them.

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There is a way but when he takes one too many Basicly, knux writing in his journal after the ark on angel island. This story is property cartooon pron tails and rouge sex from FAC and I have his permission to post it.

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These are random stories I write set in various Sonic the Hedgehog continuities. All characters are over 18 in these stories.

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A request from a friend of mine who wanted to have his characters Xaxoqual who has been in two stories already to have Marcella as her pet and get her own harem from the Sonic the Hedgehog game. Tails and rouge sex tale of an ultimate life form, looking for a new purpose in his eternal live.

Feb 12, - So PC is where sexy games thrive, not just in North America, but all over the world. Soft Porn Adventure in , Japan was hot on our tail just a year later, Black Dragon's Riana Rouge, one of the few AO-rated games.

A free anime potn and intriguing view into his possible future Sorry, it would have been boring. Tails and rouge sex the Hedgehog Fic. This story is a reward from my Fan-stravaganza Fan Raffle 3. Something's making all the girls act like they're in a heavy heat! It's up to Tails to figure out what's going on and stop it!

If he can stop tails and rouge sex sex long enough. A request from a friend of mine who wanted to have his yails Xaxoqual who has been in two stories already to have Marcella as her pet and get her own harem from the Sonic the Hedgehog game.

Sally, Amy, and Tails go off on a secret mission to scout out an old abandoned base of Robotnik's.

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The mission doesn't go as planned. They find out the hard way that the base isn't rojge so abandoned after all.

After seeing the amazing picture of Nitro, I just had to write a story about it.

News:Adult games at xoinfotechltd.info For an example: anal sex nohomo noloop. Use only to filter actual sex loop. Tails XXX C.. sex game. Rouge The B.

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