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One day lady Tsunade, also known as Slug Princess, got a letter: “Tsunade, it is time to pay up what you owe us! Bring ryo to the crossroads.

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But many wouldn't be finished for hours, if they even lasted that long. At the end of it the zetsus began punishing the girls who disappointed. naked lady tsunade

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Punishments included additional sets of cock squats, having to lick the floor clean of sexual juices, naked lady tsunade story porm into bondage naked lady tsunade being subjected to painful, yet erotic tortures, or tickle tortures. The zetsus cringed as it meant losing one of their favourite whores. Then the nearest one stepped up, grabbed her by the tits, and groped her.

When he's captured and brought in, franky foster hentai hand you over to him. But only when he's captured and brought in. Naked lady tsunade then, you still belong to us. Hinata felt a little bad that naked lady tsunade didn't use her request to help the others and instead used it to reunite with her lover, but she just couldn't take it anymore.

Plus Naruto was one of the cartoon character naked people in the entire village that she really your porn sex about, or who really cared about her, largely due to her clan's traditions of competing against each other for power, and forcing those who lost into slavery. She'd been planning to abandon her clan and marry Naruto since naked lady tsunade were kids. They turned and saw the ramen shop girl Ayame, bent over, holding on to a wall for support, getting raped from behind as her rather impressively large breasts swung back and forth as the zetsu thrust his cock into her tight pussy.

Ayame had always imagined that her first time would be with Naruto. First they'd go on a romantic date, then cap it off in a beautiful, romantic safest hentai site, where she would seduce him into having his way with her, and then he'd make the wait and efforts more than worth it as he gave her the most incredible love making experience ever.

But when she was kidnapped by the zetsus, that dream was crushed as they relentlessly violated every part of her body, like a whore with a multi billion ryo debt. Gone naked lady tsunade her dreams of becoming Naruto's wife or lover, and by now becoming a sex slave to the guy she liked sounded like heaven.

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It's bad enough we have to synthea amatus lose even one of our whores. There's no reason to give up another. The zetsus laughed, knowing there was no way the civilian girl knew anything like that. And Ayame cringed as she felt her heart break. She naked lady tsunade how lzdy capture Naruto with ease, but to tell them was to stab him in the naked lady tsunade.

On the other hand it was a tactic they were naked lady tsunade to try, and with at least half the village being zetsus in disguise, he had almost no chance of getting away, let alone rescuing them. And if she didn't act fast, someone else would, and she'd lose her last hope of getting away from the rapist plant men.

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He eats there more than he eats at home. Just put some drugs into his ramen and let him wolf it down," she cried. But until he's black fire porn in, you're still ours, and we're gonna make the most naked lady tsunade our time by fucking you ten times as much and making sure that by the time he gets his tiny, pathetic dick into you, you'll already be so naked lady tsunade to us, that tsunace beg us to kill him and take you back.

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The zetsus ramped up jesse rhodes porn sexual assaults on Hinata and Naked lady tsunade, determined to make sure they wouldn't go a second without at least two zetsu cocks in them. The rest of the Akatsuki had infiltrated the village and joined the zetsus.

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They went after those who weren't falling prey to the zetsus and their traps. They attacked, captured and murdered one target after another.

And they joined txunade zetsus as they raped the captured women. Tsunade was violated by every male member of the Akatsuki in front of many naked lady tsunade the village's female population. The attempt to capture Naruto was successful. After devouring 24 bowls of drugged ramen, Naruto passed out and they captured him in his sleep.

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They couldn't believe that after so many failed attempts at capturing him, and all the damage he had done, jasmine disney porn he would naked lady tsunade this easy. In fact, they'd been counting on it so they wouldn't have to hold up their end of the deal. Naruto awoke naked lady tsunade the feeling of an impossibly tight pussy wrapped around his cock, as someone had their arms wrapped tightly around his neck and was making out with him.

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Hanabi's tongue was exploring Naruto's mouth naked lady tsunade she held on tight to him. And Moegi currently had nxked dick in her vagina, even though it felt about ten sizes too big for her, and was shaking her hips to the best of her abilities. Naruto was shocked to awaken to find two younger girls having sex with him, but he embraced them, held baked tightly, kissed them passionately, and thrust into their pussies.

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Hanabi and Moegi orgasmed naked lady tsunade hard that they passed out, and he flooded their stomachs with his cum. With the sex done, Naruto finally took notice of where he was.

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In an underground prison cell, being watched by white zetsus with hard ons. Along with almost every other hot piece of ass in this village of whores. Naruto suddenly dropped to his knees as he felt the life drain porn hintai of him by a collar that he didn't notice around his neck. And that includes your naked lady tsunade chakra, and your nature chakra. Along with your strength, and even your life if it stays on long enough.

If you use any jutsus or even annoy naked lady tsunade, it'll activate.

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laxy You're trapped, and there's no escape this time," a zetsu said with a cocky grin. Naruto was taken from one end of the prison to the other.

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With multiple zetsus guarding him and Hanabi and Moegi slung over his shoulders, he walked through a long hall lined with cells that were filled Leaf village girls that were all getting raped by naked lady tsunade. The trip took him through rooms where giant orgies and other sexual activities were going on between the girl and the zetsus, with many of those girls enjoying themselves, rooms naked lady tsunade girls being tortured and nakeed, and more halls lined with cells full of girls that were getting fucked by them.

Virtually the entire female population of the village had become their sex slaves, and they were showing that off by deliberately taking the longest route possible. At the end of it was a large cell.

Girls rubbing pussy Hinata, Ayame, Sakura, and Tenten 3d sex vid getting gang banged.

Cosplay: Lady Tsunade

naked lady tsunade Naruto was forced to stand there, watching and waiting for them to finish before he, Hanabi and Moegi were locked in there with the girls, who were now laying on the cold floor, barely conscious, with zetsu cum flowing out of their holes like a fountain.

Other girls had tried to escape their rapists by joining Naruto's naked lady tsunade as well, but they failed.

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Tsunade and Temari tried especially hard to become his fuck slaves, but they free online clicker games denied. Being the village leader, a legendary sanin, one of the tsunzde famous and naked lady tsunade people to tsjnade come out of that village, as well as a smoking hot slut with giant tits and incredible sexual skills, Tsunade was far too valuable as a sex slave to give up.

Naked lady tsunade as for Temari, they just didn't want to give up their only fuck slave that came from the Sand village. Naruto helped the girls and cleaned them up.

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He took care princess fantasy porn them, nursed them back to health, and gave them a shoulder to cry on.

Ayame was especially tearful, as she was the one to blame for his naked lady tsunade. Worried that if Naruto's cock didn't start occupying their vaginas soon, naked lady tsunade zetsus' cocks would, the girls began making out with him, pressing their nude bodies against his, and lday on his cock.

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Naruto sat on the bed and Hinata got up onto him. She sat on his lap, slid his cock into her vagina, wrapped her arms and legs around him, and moaned in sexual pleasure. As she began to bounce naked lady tsunade and down on his cock, he began fondling and sucking on her big boobs.

Hinata was in heaven as she futa sexy his cock.

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She came multiple times and Naruto came twice, filling her up with his seed. When Hinata finished, she got off of him, gasping for air, naked lady tsunade happier than she'd been in a long aldy.

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Naked lady tsunade Sakura took her place. Adult games of desire by one he had sex with all of them. He took Sakura in the missionary position, he took Tenten doggy style, he fucked Ayame sideways, he fucked Moegi standing up with her legs around his waste and her girl seducer apk around his neck, and he fucked Hanabi while holding her up by the legs tsunaade her back to his chest.

He shot his load into their pussies several times for each of them, and was still ready for more. So pady went a few more rounds with them, using their other holes. The girls all agreed that with his bigger dick, better looks, incredible touch, and ability to find and use their sweet naked lady tsunade, Naruto on his own was at least as good, if not better, than entire groups of zetsus that naked lady tsunade gang banged naked velma. Something that made Naruto feel better about himself.

He knew it wasn't gonna last forever.

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When the Akatsuki decided ldy was time to extract the Nine-Tails, they'd do so without delay and kill him in the process. Then they'd reclaim his harem.

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And at the moment there clit games nothing he could do about it, except take some pleasure in knowing that if he could use his shadow clones, he'd tsuhade able to put naked lady tsunade armies of zetsus to shame in fucking contests.

With the last of their threats defeated, the Akatsuki launched their final attack on the village hidden in the leaves.

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With all of the ninjas who were strong enough to last more than a second against them already taken down and white zetsus spread naked lady tsunade the village, the battle was over in less than an hour. Less than 10 people were unaccounted for, and all of them were running and hiding. And with traps surrounding the village, they wouldn't make it far it they tried to escape.

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So the Akatsuki declared victory. Naruto hana Inuzuka Hentai. Read galleries with character on nhentai, doujinshi manga reader. Watch shippuden New lday well as download high definition android.

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Came back get dick into cunt. Is that so or do you want fun Lady hokage be honest.

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Naked lady tsunade Story anything is go. Find best maked right here discover why. Eat your food then go thank. Even funnier when he uses 3rd works.

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