Management Team

user MAYANK NARENDRABHAI MEHTA - DIN: 01306423 Director
user KAIVANT RASIKLAL SHAH - DIN: 07641964 Director
user PRIYANKA DINESHBHAI MEHTA - DIN: 07793683 Director

Our Object


To carry on the business as manufacturers, assemblers, researchers and designers, buyers and sellers in India and abroad, to act as exporters, importers and agents for all kinds of electronic complements, namely, surface mounted circuit boards (SMBT), Flexible Printed Circuit Boards (flex Circuits), calculators, computers and instruments, office equipment, communication & Transport equipment, consumer electronics, entertainment equipment including integrated circuits, professional components and parts required for capable of being used in Research, industry, Educational institutions, hospital and Telecommunications.


To Carry on the business of research, design, manufactures, assemble, repairs and also act as dealers and agents for all kinds of electronic, electrical and mechanical equipment and active and passive components for professional and entertainment including integrated circuit and things required for and capable of being used in connection with the manufacture of electronic, mechanical equipments and part thereof.


To carry on the business of rendering technical, commercial or any other consultancy services for planning and development, designing and installation of including commissioning on turkey or placemeal basis plants/projects for the manufacture of electronic/electric/mechanical equipments and parts and components thereof, including integrated circuits and also rendering after sales services.


To carry on the business of rendering technical, commercial or any other consultancy services for planning and development, designing and installation of SMTB, PCB’s and Flex Circuits including commissioning on turkey or placemeal basis, and rendering after sale service.


To carry on the business of research of manufacturers of and dealers in parts, instrument and equipment and any such parts that can possibly by carried on with any of the above business.


To carry on the business of, research of, design of , manufacturers of and dealers in partrs, instrument and equipments in electrical, mechanical, electronics, television, telephones and telecommunications.


To promote, encourage, establish, develop, maintain, organize, undertake, manage, operate, conduct and to run in India or abroad computer training centers, data processing centers, Computer coaching centers, computer consultancy business, software consultancy, electronic mail, E- commerce, E- business and internet applications, web- sites services relating to computers, its maintenance, repair, programmes, and operations for industrial, commercial, domestic public utility, defence, Govt. and other general customers or section of society and to do all incidental acts and things necessary for the attainment of above objects.


To manufacture, develop, buy, sell, trade, import, export, put- up install, let on hire, repair, assemble, distribute or otherwise deal in computers hardware, software, system designing, data processing, internet & internet connections, internet equipments and services, electronic communication equipments, electronic data processing equipments, their peripherals and allied products, such as modems, plotters, digitizers scanners, mouse, key board, power supply system, card sets, connectors cables, screens, components, accessories and consumables of all kinds, nature description.


To provide management of and consultancy in the field of information technology, computer hardware and software, system designing, data processing and data transfer and to act as dealers, distributors, agents, representatives, of Indian and foreign concerns persons operating in the line of information technology and allied activities.


To do all such acts related directly & indirectly to above paras.


To purchase, hold acquire, mines, mining lease, mining license, mining rights, mining claims and metaliferrous lands and to explore, search, work, exercise, develop, treat, fine and turn to account ores, all sorts of major and minor minerals working deposit of all kinds of minerals and subsoil minerals and to crush, quarry, smelt, calcine, refine, dress, preserve, amalgamate, manufacture, manage, manipulate and prepare for market ore, metal and mineral substances of all kinds and to carry on metallurgical operations in all its branches.

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